Robin Crosby and Erika Baxter welcome you to:

Retreat Themes

A stimulating approach toward how women internally and externally reflect Divine beauty. As we face and seek to understand all that mars beauty, we begin to embrace our beauty as God intended in creating woman.
A penetrating personal work toward embodying forgiveness for yourself and others. All that hinders forgiveness will be explored as well as the kindness and boundaries necessary to be able to ďdo goodĒ in the presence of evil. Forgiveness is made available to every woman through the strength of Christ.
The true nature of desire and itís connection to sex, overworking, food, shopping, substance abuse, and other compulsions will be explored through the lens of Godís delight for desire.
A winsome encounter with play nestled in the awareness of what distracts, discourages, and distances our playful spirits. We will engage with how rest and freedom express themselves through play. Through the lens of Godís example of play, we will delight in a fresh perspective of wisdom.
An exploration of emotion with its connection to suffering. The benefits and purpose of passion will be clarified so that we are able to embrace lifeís pain through the lens of Godís passion for women.
A grace-filled journey through the essence of spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy. In revealing counterfeits to authentic intimacy, we hope to lay our masks at the feet of a deeply intimate Triune God.
The Celtic Mandala creates the background for our logo, symbolizing the core of our faith and mission statement. This ancient symbol representing the Trinity, inspires us to teach and engage our world from a deeply relational, communal, and personal perspective. We call ourselves Diva Vida, a playful name, depicting both the agony and joy inherent in the life of a woman.