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Other therapy groups:
Find a Therapy Group - Puget Sound Group Psychotherapy Network

Test for Dissociation
Dissociative Experiences Scale - II

Excellent Psychiatrist in Everett
Dr Rodolfo A Trivisonno Home Page

Quality male therapists Benjamin Deu & Erik Mildes

Domestic Violence Treatment and Trauma Therapists

About Relief From Trauma
Resources for the Public

Personality Test
Myers Briggs Personality Test

Understanding Attachment
Still Face Experiment: Dr. Edward Tronick

Inspiring Videos
Beautiful Expression of connection

Why people have affairs?

Addiction (sex, love, alcohol, food, co-addict, etc.) support groups: 
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Community resources: shelter, medical, food, etc.

Treatment Program
Del Amo Behavioral Health | Trauma Recovery | Military
Premier Residential Treatment: Drug Rehab & Behavioral Health - Sierra Tucson
The Meadows

Regulating Emotions

Trauma therapy (including Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Mental Health Support

Matthew Hessuy - All of his videos are great!

Tea and Consent